Infidels at Work

Just a pose-unrelated note to everyone: Ever since my other account went kaput (don’t know why I can’t log into it anymore), I have, of course, been using this alt. I used to come here under “Sir Muffin.” From now on, all my poses using my name in the corner will be under Jenkem and not Sir Muffin. I just completely forgot to change that when I first started using this account.

Appropriate thread music (darker and more grim; this is war, not a festival):


Pose Notes (Yep, me too):

  • The muzzleflash of the prone M249 soldier is intentionally very transparent. During the day, most lower-caliber rounds produce little to no visible muzzle flash.

  • The standing soldier next to the nearest train car could be explained several ways. Since this is not supposed to look like it took place on the exact same area as Gordon drove the jalopy in HL2, it is possible there could be something in the way and the soldier cannot see the same imminent danger the other two firing ones can. He may be moving slowly and raising his rifle to fire (running and shooting is impractical, pointless, and stupid). It could be something else entirely.

  • The soldier most distant firing is holding a silenced M4A1. That’s why there’s no red or orange in the muzzle flash.

  • By the barrels, the soldier is about to throw a flash grenade. He’s not waving casually to his buddies in a warzone.

  • Blurred out the AA logo on the patches just a bit.

  • Film grain was used.

C&C needed. Which of the pictures do you guys think is better?

Isn’t a infadel a terriorest?

No. The ones who want to kill you for not being a Muslim regard anyone not them as an infidel. Therefore, these troops, possibly fighting terrorists of some sort, could be said to be infidels from the enemy perspective (the title itself I saw in an avatar months ago; it’s just sort of meant to be a humorous title, in a way).

facepalm my dog is smarter than you.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Uberslug))

Please comment on my pose and not another user who simply had an honest misunderstanding.

Good posing and I like the map you used, LOVE the editing.

Good job you made me lol.


Good posing btw

Great pic, the posing looks very good.


I agree to this, a bump to extent it’s life time.

Good camera angle, detail and posing.


Now that Chesty approves, I can tell for certain it’s at least decent.

The camoflague doesn’t seem to fit.

Reminds me of the train yard in Left 4 Dead which I occasionally get slaughtered on.

Nice posing. A bit bright color setting. But whom am I to judge:)

That’s the army for you. It’s the only kind they regularly use in most places these days, I think. Apparently it only works when standing next to a brick wall.