Infiltrate and Decimate (Spy about to sneak kill Two Russian guards )

Play this while looking at the picture


Tuck in those booties!

and shake em :downs:

I don’t think the soldier is Russian. :buddy:

Heavy looks like he is about to piss himself.

Flamboyant Heavy is worried if his new pants make his butt look big. And it appears the Spy is getting a kick out of it, too.

Dont be lazy and take your time during posing.

Heavy has something up his rectum.

you used to be really good, what happened?

I did, now what’s the problem?

hmm, the spy’s coattail is clipping onto the wall…, and shouldnt there be a fire in the fireplace if they are warming themselves by it?

yeah well no one ever does an edit for me in the editing section and my editing sucks.

besides I’ve got a better one coming, It’s a great idea.

Ingame editing is all you need. :buddy:

I improved the picture, go here!