Infiltrator Jumps away from Explosion

It turned out a little too dark in my opinion.

It’s not my best work, but at least it’s not Chesty’s work where ALL of the effort goes into editing.


Yes, it is a little too dark. Hardly see what’s going on.

Dude no need to start pulling punches in the OP. What is this shit?

I find getting your head right up to the monitor helps. Seriously. I justify how “hidden” she is due to the fact that she is wearing an infiltrator suit.

Yeah… alot of posing and shit done here…

I posed the person jumping away, unlike Chesty who just places a few cannon props and edits it in photoshop.

Stop insulting him, he’s not even here. What did he do, fuck you in the eye?

I’m not insulting him, I’m just pointing out that a lot of the time he leaves most of the work to editing, which he is very good at, and when he does bother to pose it’s pretty good.

It’s totally uncalled for, and I think you should stop.

I didn’t mean any harm by it, if you’re butt hurt over me offending your friend, that’s your problem, but you don’t need to start being an ass in my thread.

Get out.


Can we rerail this thread and comment on my work?

Its rather hard to uhm, comment on it. I mean, first of all… we barely see what is happening except for that explosion… wich doesn’t look too good. In my opinion, try to make it less dark and -THEN- we can discuss your picture.

Do I know you?

At least you put loads of effort into posing that single ragdoll I can barely see because of the shit lighting and poor camera angle. Great job. To me it looks like there is more editing than posing here anyway, so well done you’ve managed to make yourself a massive hypocrite. It doesn’t matter which you put more effort into anyway because you failed miserably at both.

What the fuck is going on?