Infinite Action - many NPC's on gm_construct

Well, posed NPC’s…



The new minigun swep right?

I love that weapon :stuck_out_tongue:

Really awesome edit, I like the laser beam of the physgun.

Haha, quite clever and very original. I like it.

Hehe, nice.

Eurgh your ugly motion blur though.

Haha, but I like it! >:C

It would look better if all the background behind them wasn’t blurred too. It doesn’t really make any sense.

Is the minigun npc suitable?
If it is I gottal aunch gmod right now.

Myeah, I agree, but it’s not that noticable i think…

I have no idea, I only downloaded the model and posed him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that swep owns :stuck_out_tongue:

Smoke looks a bit too smudged near the ground but else it’s good.


that looks pretty cool actually, nice work

Myeah, should’ve had it fade out, ah well. :slight_smile:

Link. Now.

I have an other minigun that doesn’t apply to npcs :C

Nice, are they all npcs?
Link to the release thread :3 Watch the video there and have fun.


Sorry for derailing and shit Mosquito :C I will stop now.

Sorry for derailing too, thanks for the link :v:

Now I’ma comment,
I love the pics atmosphere, and the mass posing and editing. Only one question:
Is that one still standing metrocop an NPC? He looks like he is. If not extremely well posed :3:

Original, and nice. I like it.

Which one? :stuck_out_tongue:

All of them are posed, except for the t-pose one.