Infinite finality

I know this is a bit of an old one, and, IIRC, it already gained some traction and reached 4chan and other
corners of the internet. I originally posted it on the HL2 subreddit the night after Laidlaw leaked you-know-what.
I decided to repost it here because I wanted to get feedback from someone more qualified / experienced.
Kinda learned gmod stuff on my own, so, I’;m not really sure about anything, even though I’ve
been doing it for years now.

So, uh, yeah. Criticism is welcome.

Good colors, especially the reflection in the floor and the HEV suit. I think the body on the right is too elevated in between the legs. Alyx’s right elbow seems elevated too high. I would also shift Freeman about 1 cm to the left because his crowbar intersects with gman’s suitcase. Other than that, it’s a pretty neat picture.

Everything about this is pretty great, the reflections, colors and lighting are spot on. I agree with Crazy Knife about the body and composition.

everytime I see G-man poses ppl make him to touch his tie, it looks a bit silly already, simply standing and looking at Alyx would be better, he came for her not Gordon.

I feel it more effectively conveys his character with a simple gesture. It looks like Gordon walked in on him and he’s turning his attention because of it. The tie ties it together, I believe.