Infinite Improbabilty Drive

Here’s an idea I had and I hope someone can expand on this and maybe someday make this a possibility. My idea, as the title suggests is the Infinite Improbability Drive from the Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy (Heres the wiki article for those that are unfamiliar with it Basically I would think the Gmod version would be some sort of item, that when engaged, will teleport you anywhere (Chosen or random) on the map; or in some rare occasions not transport you at all. Once engaged, props and NPCs in the immediate area will be effects some how, like spawning into different props/NPCs. And once you have been teleported, a few random props/npcs will be spawned in that area, later fading away (when Normality reaches 1:1). But I guess the most important question here is if such a thing can even be created.

This can be made in wire, infact I have made this in wire a few months ago.

Im glad to hear that its possible but though I do have Wiremod, I have no idea how to use it properly.