Infinite Loop?

Well I wanted to build a house in singleplayer so I could dupe it in multiplayer, when I was just making sure I could duplicate the house, I couldn’t, it froze for about 3 seconds and then it gave me this error.

lua\includes\modules\duplicator.lua:505: Infinite Loop Detected!

With both the regular duplicator and the ADV. Duplicator, im not finished with the house yet, but I dunno if I can dupe it when I do get finished with it.

Tools I have been using:

Smart Weld
ADV Dupe
Easy Precision

Props I have been using:


Please help me!

Don’t smart weld bases its useless. I get this error alot to in SP.
you need to get the latest version of wire. That will have the latest version of ADV dup.
Wire SVN