Infinite loopback on servers?

For some strange reason, when I try to join most servers, it loads normally and all, but then it sits on Sending client info for a couple minutes, doing nothing andnothing moves (This is completely normal :p)

And then, it starts rotating again… but guess what? It keeps going on and on and on and on and on and on and on until it goes back to the server select screen, no messages or anything.
Any help?

Edit: Since this is a glitch thread, I might as well mention this.

Whenever I try to use E2 and type a letter without a symbol, it deletes the whole line and anything below it and spams me with lua error messages.

Any help? Please. This keeps me from joining the best servers.

Hit escape before “Sending client info”

It might spam you with errors, but will work.

What does escape do?

Makes it go back to the menu, but loads in the background.

Didn’t work. All it does is time me out :frowning: