Infinite Maps In Gmod (CONCEPT)

Hello everyone! I’ve been thinking about how infinite maps could be possible in gmod, and I think I’ve got it.

So almost everyone knows that Hammer (The map editor that makes source engine maps)
has a limited map size. This means that no one can make a map the size of a planet or even just a full-scale size map of MI so its VERY limiting.
However, I think we all could go past these limits by “playing tricks” on source and make maps bigger. How you ask? I’ll tell you now.
Mappers could make a box with tunnels on each side of the box. Then somehow make these tunnels teleport you to the end of the opposite tunnel when you reach the end of the tunnel
(following along with me?).
WAIT WAIT WAIT Before you go and reply to this thread that says “omfg b8c3 f1re if u teleport to oda side of map den pr0ps an sh!t dill still B dere!!!11111111111111111111111”.
Let me finish talking first. Now here comes the magic (and the hard part). When the player teleports, a lua script will detect if the player is teleported. If it does then it will save ALL props that are in the map and then detect what teleporter that the player went through. Then the script will detect what save you were in and then overwrite the current save. Then the script will load a save (NOT A RANDOM ONE!) that “is next in line”. For example. If I went to a “NORTH” teleporter. Then I would go to the “SOUTH” teleporter. The script will check what save is next corresponding to the direction that the player went (witch in this case: The north tele). Then it will load that next save. This creates the illusion of an infinite map and could be used many different ways. Like making a infinite city map or a cavern system.
So what do you think? Could this be possible or not?

I remember this being done before; can’t remember the name of the map, though. The best idea, in my opinion, would just be to downscale/shrink everything, thus creating a larger map.

It still would not be infinite. Remember that the whole point of the thread is infinite maps. Not to shrink the player but its still a interesting idea

Looping isn’t infinite either.

never mind

i know somebody doing that scaling method atm

This has been tried so many times.