Infinite Moving Camera

Hey there peeps. My problem of the day is that my pont_viewcontrol camera won’t stop moving. I placed two path_tracks, Track1 with the Next Stop Target being Track2. The trigger enables the camera, and it moves fine, but it continues its course even after it passes Track2. I tried path_corners, too, but that did the same thing =P Any idea what I could possibly be doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

Did you make a func_tracktrain and parent the camera to it? I just made a scene that used that and it worked fine.

I would need to see how you set it up in hammer though to see what is wrong.

No, I didn’t. Hm, that’s odd, but I suppose I’ll give it a try. Thanks! =)

Edit: Hmm; it doesn’t work. It shoots the camera to the last track, then turns it off. Gah, I’ve spent my whole day so far on this piece of crap XO

oh also make sure the speed isn’t super fast, I had the same problem I had around 20 path_tracks and it was at speed 100 and it took like half a second to get to the end of the 20 tracks.

When you parent the point_viewcontrol it can move the camera to a different position because it is parenting it to which every way the func_tracktrain is pointing i believe and ingame it can differ from in hammer.

Ahh, I see. That makes sense =D Cool, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: