Infinite oxygen supply or disabling drowning without modding?

I had some sick ideas for underwater combat, but the obvious downside is that in HL2, players drown underwater. Since I want an entire map to take place underwater, that’s a huge problem, so I’m looking for a way to provide infinite aux energy to players or disable damage from drowning without having to meddle with source code just for one map. I tried to fire an input at !player setting a damagefilter that excludes drowning, but it didn’t work and I still took underwater damage. Is there a way to accomplish this?

You’d realistically only be able to do it with lua. And I’m sure the developers forum would be willing to help you.

Uhm… Half-Life². No lua. I think I said so.

Just have thick fog and reduced gravity in map, with some underwater effects.

Sounds reasonable, but how can I make players swim up, then?

I did not find a way to refresh player’s oxygen counter w/o horrible and noticeable hacks, but you can disable drowning damage via filter_damage_type. Set damage type to drown, make it inverted, and apply damagefilter to player on map start/area entry.
Example: OnTrigger !player,SetDamageFilter,filter_targetname_here

Trigger_hurt with negative value.

I did exactly that and it didn’t work. I said so in my first post.

But that would heal players even if they got hurt by combat, making them invincible underwater. I want combat to take place underwater so that’s not a viable way.

point_servercommand, sv_infinite_aux_power 1


very very good

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