Infinite pistols / medkits / pistol ammo exploit

If you reconnect, without a pistol, medkit or pistol ammo in your inventory, you get a free pistol, medkit or pistol ammo (depending on what you lack), so basicaly dump all your 9mm’s, medkits and pistol ammo into a workbench, reconnect and repeat

Thanks for actually posting about the exploit :wink:

We will probably do away with the minimum inventory check that happens after connect once the ability to bury items in the ground or lock them away with a combination lock is in. We’ll likely increase the amount of inventory you drop on death and have expiration dates on some items as well.

First we’ll have to put in a way to drop inventory of course, though in the short term we could do the minimum check only on respawn ( and not every connect ) so you’d have to die to do the exploit but we’ll probably leave it as is and wait until we have those other stockpiling features in; then remove the check.