Infinite Roleplay 2009

Warning: This gamemode is based on DarkRP! If you are not interested in DarkRP based game modes then leave now. I’m not worried using the DarkRP base, although I know it’s name is cursed throughout the forum.

The aim of IRP09 is to actually build on DarkRp, by adding extra features to enhance the Roleplay. The gamemode is far from finished, but is certainly beginning to become a lot more interesting than DarkRp. :slight_smile:

So Ill list some of the main stuff added so far:

Group system

Above is a picture of the group system menu. The concept of groups is fairly simple, Players may form their own groups in game, which others can join. These groups serve several purposes. Firstly, there is the Door Share option. Door Share enables members of the same group to share doors. This can save time when players are setting up a business. Groups also offer a tax and bank system. The group owner can set a group income tax rate for the groups members (They are of course alerted to this lol) between 0-100%. This is put into the group bank. Group banks allow groups to buy special bonuses for everyone in the group including several tools and a group spawn point.

Stat System

Probably not the best picture, but shows the HUD and the in-game stats that occupy it. Stats are pretty simple really. There are 3 skills - strength, intelligence and charm - each of which can be trained by doing certain things (More ways on training on there way!). Each skill grants greater bonuses the higher it gets. Some jobs also have skill requirements. Skills go up to 100, and training them gets harder as you get higher.
Sorry about the strength going into the charm on the HUD. This only happens to people with 100 strength, and will be fixed shortly.

Also, I realize the pictures might be a bit small at the moment (…Imageshack is not being helpful). I’ll try get some new ones soon. If you want to test the gamemode, No1 roleplay is running the current IRP.

No1RP Server:

I’ll post more updates as they come, and some Info on the jobs. Constructive criticism is welcome, just don’t flame us. I’d love to hear some feedback and ideas, so drop us a line :slight_smile:

Wow, joined the server.
One of the best darkrp mods i have ever seen!

Nice work!

The image is so small. I can’t even view it really.

Go fuck off rate me bad you dumb cunt. Your freaking noob. You give your self 199 hp and millions in cash I doubt you earned that shit.

I expected a small edit but this looks quite nice to be honest.

It looks like you’ve put some good work hours into this. Keep it up.

From what I’ve heard of some gamemodes that are soon to be released/announced:
The stats thing is gonna be quite popular.

Irp09 is the bedst gamemod ever <3

Looking at your Wallet i can see that it came from darkrp,
But it is a Very good Gamemode and i think proplr should try it before coming on and saying,


You totally got the Str/Int/Charm stuff from… shit what’s the name… that one game where you play as a stick dude in a city and do stuff.

How would the charm stat work, though?

A very nice edit of DarkRP. Better then all the other ones I have seen.

Well done rated Useful :slight_smile:

i’ve seen you can train it by using some items and drinking alchohol atm…

As a player on this server, I have to say that the IRP is a good gamemode with alot of potential. With the Skills, it adds more of an objective into the RP, as in normal RP, there really isn’t much to aim for, apart from money, which is practicly useless. I love the fact that better skills = better jobs, and with more strengthyou get more HP and jump height. Also the group feature is excellent, the custom spawn points, Door share and group tools is ingenious.

This gamemode is far from finished, but fantastic so far.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I’ll post an update soon. We’re working on a fourth skill, along with some other content as well. :slight_smile:

Yes nice edit fo DarkRP. But once you are done go to something more acceptable. Like your own Gamemode(Rp or not). Since then you are getting feedback.

what content?

My god,you sir,have earned my respect for glorifying DarkRP by making it into a sheerly brilliant modification.

Congratulations on making a decent server with DarkRP!

Skills unlocking new jobs is the way to go. :keke:

what content indeed. :slight_smile:
Currently focusing on the economy and skill systems. I promise more pics soon :slight_smile:

I played the server quite a lot, incl. the old ones, and I can say I didnt think we’d be going stats-y on people. Its great work and i’m glad to hear it’ll still be updating after some time. Perhaps make the new stat could be something like agility, to increase movement speed etc.