Infinite servers download

When i try to enter on any type of gamemode , i have to download the archives to play there , but when the bar of the progress is full and she go down , and the archive to download don’t change , i need help please , i can’t to play on any mp servers , please !!! i was buy my game 2 days ago and i am having this problem ( isn’t from my internet ) , and my computer run the game on the max settings , please help me ! , thank you !

Are you hosting the server or trying to download something? I can’t understand what your’e saying.

I understand what he means and he’s asking why it takes a long time and why it looks like it’s infinite downloading. It’s because a lot of servers despite being standard and vanilla will have custom shit to download anyway so pretty much if you go to a server it will either download to the server’s rate or through their fast/dl unless it’s workshop content in which case it will download it from the steam servers and through fast download and workshop content it will download as fast as your download speed is.