Infinitely Scalable Elevator

Hey all,

I thought I would make a post about how to make a multi floor elevator that you can scale up as many times as you need. This elevator works in Source 1 and Source 2 all though the “logic_measure_movement” was excluded from the .FDG for HLA (@garry Pls fix for S&Box ). Big thanks to “MASTER MAPPER” @gvarados for fixing this in his custom .FDG which you can find here (You only have to download the “hlvr.FDG”). I will make a quick step by step tutorial on how to set it up but there will also be a .VMAP you can download too take a look for yourself.



It is important to add the _1 to the end of each entity. This allows for you too quickly “Paste Special” and select “Make pasted entity names unique”. Doing this allows you too quickly paste another elevator down in your map without having to remake it and having all the names unique

Step 1:

Create a “Path_Track” and name it along the lines of “LiftTrack1_1” then create a second “path_track” name this “LiftTrack2_1”. Make sure that on “LiftTrack1_1” the “Next Stop Target” is set too “LiftTrack2_1”.

Step 2:

Create a “func_tracktrain” and name it “lift_1”. Add “First Stop Target” as “LiftTrack1_1” and set the speed whatever you want, I recommend 150. Remember that the faster it goes the more entity’s physics might mess up. Set “Change Velocity” to “Instantaneously” and “Change angles” to “Near path_tracks”. Place the first “path_track” at the floor of your “func_tracktrain” (Make sure that the origin point is level with the floor like seen in the picture below). Make sure to put the second one about 32 units directly above.

Step 3:

Too create the floors you will need “info_target” depending on the amount of floors you have this may vary, Since I am setting up a 3 floor elevator I will spawn in 3. Name the first one “Level1_1” the second “Level2_1” and the third “Level3_1”. Once you have named all of your “info_targets” place the first “info_target” directly in the first “path_track”. Put the second “info_target” where you want your second floor to be and do the same for the third.

Step 4:

Now we will create the buttons to go to each floor.

We will first create the 3 buttons that will be inside the elevator and move with it. Place down a “func_button” and name it “LiftButtons1_1” make sure to parent it too the lift which in my case is named “Lift_1”. make sure to add the spawn flags “Don’t move” & “Use Activates”. Now copy and paste the button twice and give them the names “LiftButtons2_1” & and “LiftButtons3_1”.

Step 5:

Now we will create the buttons that will go on the outside of the elevator too call the elevator too your floor.

Copy and paste your first floor button and remove the “Lift_1” parent. Do the same for the other floors.

Step 6:

Now we want to place down a “logic_relay”. Give it the name of “LiftRelay1_1”. Copy and paste this entity and rename it too “LiftRelay2_1” and “LiftRelay3_1”

Step 8:

Now we will create doors for each of our floors

Place down a “Func_door” name it “DoorFloor1_1”. Under spawn flags tick “Toggle”

Now copy and paste the door twice and rename them too “DoorFloor2_1” & “DoorFloor3_1”

Step 9:

Now place down a “logic_measure_movement”

If you haven’t downloaded the .FDG then this entity will appear as an “Obsolete” but you can still add keys to create it yourself.

Name - “lift_measure_1”

Entity to Measure - “Level1_1”

Measure Reference - “Level1_1”

Entity to Move - “LiftTrack2_1”

Movement Reference - “Level1_1”

Movement Scale - “1”

Measure Type - “Position”

Step 10:

Now on your “func_button” for floor 1 in outputs add

Floor 1:

Floor 2:

Floor 3:

Step 11:

Now add on “LiftTrack2_1” in outputs

Step 12:

Too add functionality to the doors on the “logic_relay’s”




Step 12.5
If you want this too work in VR you have to add a “trigger_multiple” and parent it too the lift itself “Lift_1” In the outputs you need to add. You might only have to do this in HLA since S&Box might have different player physics.

Now you are complete!

Instead of going through the struggle of actually making an elevator just download the .Vmap and copy and paste :slight_smile:

Hopefully this gives you some cool ideas for S&Box or maybe HLA.


Did someone say ELEVATOR: SOURCE 2?

Great tutorial, and extremely useful prefab.


Nice copy paste of my old old facepunch post lol. Guess it works for source2