Infinity Blade³ - FieldBlight

The FieldBlight Beast from Infinity Blade III[/t]


• Bodygroup for the Arrows and the Drool Effects
• 6 Skingroups for the Eye
• Eye and Tongue movable with the Fingerposer (Left Hand: Ring - and Pinky Finger)
• 3 Sizes included (Small, Regular and Big)

BG = Bodygroup
SG = Skingroup
FP = Fingerposer Features

If a Model has got:
in the filename, then you should check the Bodygroup Tool and the Fingerposer for extra stuff

Original Model by ChAIR



There’s a 3rd Infinity Blade? I haven’t even played the 2nd yet.

Nice work.

Nice, will you be getting other models as well?

Sexy as always, damn good job Mask

I’d like to port “Manyfaces” but there seems to be an issue with the Textures.
I’ve got 5 Textures for it but the model itself has got only one Texture Selection
on the entire mesh. Same for some of the other Bosses.
Maybe someone wants to take a look at it and is able to tell me where the problem is.
*.psk & *.fbx included:


This thing looks pretty awesome.

I unpacked this game too and found the same problem you have. The textures are “auto split.” This is the first time I’ve seen this in a game.

What you need to do is look at the UV map of the model as a key for where to place the textures, then create a 2048 blank palette. Then you can paste the split textures to where they belong to line up with the UV map. It’s an unusual pain in the ass, but the models are cool anyway.

EDIT: Give me a few minutes. I’ve got the diffuse for manyfaces done. I can do the normal and send you them. Save you some time anyway.

would you mind upload the “uv fixed” “Manyfaces”?
Dragon and Saddlebeast have regular working uv’s.

Wow, amazing release once again!

Seems to be a similar system to what’s used in EVE - what most likely happens is that the texture itself has ofset metadata on where it’s normally positioned, since it’s probably a lot easier to do a stream in and stream out based on multiple textures and packed UVWs like that most likely save space or processing power in some way as well.

Legendary port as always man.