Infinity Blade Models

As many of you know, Epic Games created some of the best and most creative models I have ever seen in the Infinity Blade Trilogy. But, I was disappointed not to find any of the models on the Steam Workshop. If anyone knows of models that have already been created, or are just looking for an awesome project. RIP OR MAKE THESE MODELS. I believe their is a way to rip models from mobile games, but I am in no way, shape, or form an expert on modeling, and I may be mistaken. The models that I would especially like to see as GMOD models are:


The God King (Raidriar)

The Worker of Secrets (Galath)

Ausar the Vile


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Also, there are several very cool weapons models such as:

The Infinity Blade:



I’m still in the process of unpacking the content from the game and converting them into usable resource files for others to work with. I’ll get around to uploading the resource files eventually.

Nice. Thanks.

I wanted to do this a while back, but lost interest. You can just grab umodel and do it yourself though,

Infinity Blade for SFM:

Lol looks like his porting is very anticipated. Thanks for the model.

It’s not that I didn’t finish my port, it’s just that I didn’t release it for Source since my Source port looked like total shit. I actually ported it over to Skyrim for personal use and didn’t bother uploading it afterwards. I still have resource files for the actual model, but I’m packing that up with the rest of the models and uploading the entire pack as a single download when it’s ready.

Oh dear, that’s my port XD

Yeah, sorry, Katra, I was just pretty impatient at the time to see the Infinity Blade being used in SFM/Gmod.

Epic released all the assets for Infinity Blade for free a while ago. Weapons, characters and environments.