Infinity Gaming 24/7 Dark RP

My brand new server is up and running! Come check it out, it’s a semi-serious Dark RP server on rp_c18_v1. We are currently working on a personalized HUD and scripted weapons. If you have played the server and have any constructive criticism or questions add me on steam, my steam id is, “stickgod”.

“” Server IP

If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

What makes this server different from other servers? Why should we join this server and not another? These are some questions that your post should answer if you’re trying to make a server advertisement. I highly doubt anyone will try out the server until you convince us that this is not another poorly managed DarkRP server.

It would be a good idea to actually answer some of our questions right here, rather than on Steam. It’s kinda inconvenient, don’t you think? Most of us would prefer to know more about the server instead of just jumping in blind and hoping for the best.

Yeah, I second that.

This server is utter shit. My friend and I got permabanned for deleting a Nexus door on accident. (Which makes your server extra shitty since anyone can delete any door) and I didn’t even delete anything.

Don’t waste your time in that awful server.

I agree ^^ this servers a nutshell.

Don’t play on it, its just another DarkRP server runned by a 12 year old kid.