Infinity player and infinity map

From the latest devlog, we learned that developers want to make an infinite (or almost) number of players on one server, the same with map.
What are you going to do if you have the opportunity?

I don’t think I personally would do anything on such a grand scale but the amount of cool MMO style gamemodes that could come out of this are gonna be great

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If you’ve heard of gta5rp, you know that 1000 players is enough for RP modes, I think S&box will be the same.

I think a cool idea would be like an Arma 3 rp how its a really big map and with the source 2 engine some other realistic features to it. I played some unturned rp and there is stuff where you get like a drivers license or get a job and make money. Just some really nice open world rp would be nice

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This is good thing for RP gamemodes. Like HL2 RP or (please don’t) Dark RP.

I plan to make rp mode as in gta5rp, no dark rp