I have removed this post due to depressed, friendless trolls

You can’t call your RP serious when it has PHX, Wire AND Durgz mod on it. Seriously. That is the kind of thing that has killed serious RP in DarkRP.

Not really mate, you come on and see :wink:

hexpunK, im reporting you for being a troll. Inkies server rocks and its very serious, do you always have to see the down side?

Signed up today. Check
One post, in this thread and this thread only. Check
Defending against my opinion. Check

Well, you look like the average defence force. The server may not be bad, no, but having PHX and Wire on a RP server is for the most part, useless. It encourages the mingeforts/ traps that plague most servers, you are meant to be Roleplaying, not building.

Not really, as I said, feel free to join and have fun. Go troll somewhere else noaw.

>Implying I am actually trolling.

Please be positive, Thanks :slight_smile:

Positive doesn’t improve something. Constructive criticism does, and in my views, building tools have no place in normal RP. Thus, a criticism.

Stop trollng please.

Once again, implying I am trolling. You sound like you wouldn’t take criticism even if it was “remove admin x, he abuses power”.

No point wasting my time here or on your server.

You’re making yourself an extreme ass who nobody would want to play with, by denying any form of criticism.


This is the first post of chris’s account, which signed up this month.

I say that it’s the OP’s new alt, or the account of one of his friends.

Person 1: Blah blah blah critisism

Person 1: Trying to be nice

Amazing server from what I just read, top notch you guys

so what is the difference between this server and the other 2 mil darkrp wire & phx & durgzmod servers?

The custom shiz, play on it to find out :wink:

Custom =/= Good.

And after seeing how you act here, no thanks.

Oh and


I bet 25$ that this community will die, as 12 year olds will buy admin rights with their parents credit cards and minges building doomforts with wire, PHX and other pointless tools in RP.

And I can see that the OP is a complete idiot or also, a 12 year old who denies any mistakes in his server and ignores good feedback.


Lol, All I have to say is people like you must be so lonely, You’re probably in your room with the curtains closed with no one to talk to except the computer. Lonely, weedy, faggot.

PS. 12 years old? Pah! How old are you kid?

(User was banned for this post ("Don't reply to to trolls" - verynicelady))

Contrary to most Server Owner’s popular belief, being an asshole actually makes you look like an asshole, and makes your server look like shit if you want them to “JOIN AND FIND OUT EVERYTHING, ASK NO QUESTIONS, ALL ANSWERS LIE WITHIN.”


Seems OP can’t take criticism, he snipped it :v