Infinte Hallway of Dimensional Doors Gmod Map Request *read to understand it*

I have a request for a gmod map, if this is where I post things like this. I want somebody to make a map that is an Infinte Hallway of Dimensional Doors. I see it as a long hallway with a bunch of doors on either side with really abstract rooms behind the doors. If you’ve seen The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” movie, then you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, check out this pic.

Put whatever you would want in the rooms behind the doors, just make them strange and abstract, stuff the you’d think would be in Yellow Submarine. If a map like this is already out there, tell me in the comments. If you make this map, say in the comments as well. NOTE Textures in the map don’t need to look like how they are in the picture.

EDIT Heres a video showing stuff that is in Insomnia

Like it’s not physically possible in real life, it isn’t going to be possible without something like portals in Garry’s Mod. The last ‘workingish’ portal gun was in Garry’s Mod 12.

Have you ever played Insomnia from the gmod workshop? That map is full of crazy stuff. I mean things like upside down rooms and platforms floating in behind the doors. Other things like that