Inflict player damage within a radius using ENT:OnTakeDamage()

I would like to make ENT:OnTakeDamage() do damage to players within a radius, I already have the code to make it explode and shake but like I said it doesn’t do dmg. Any help would be appreciated.

ALSO: I would like to make the players eye-trace the position for draw.RoundedBox so for example if the player looked to his left the draw.RoundedBox’s position would turn that way too.
Is this possible if it any explanation would be greatly appreciated.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but from what I can understand you’re trying to deal damage with ENTITY:OnTakeDamage(). ENTITY:OnTakeDamage() is a hook that is called when a player takes damage, not a function that deals damage to a player.
Try ENTITY:TakeDamage() instead.

edit: hot damn i need some coffee. just realized what you were trying to do.


legend ty