Influx of legacy players on my server.

So since they removed the legacy version from the rust client itself I have noticed more refugees have began to migrate to experimental and some of those are landing in my server - which is good, however, the only problem is a lot of them are unfamiliar with the new game play mechanics in experimental would it be possible to sneak in a link to the Rustafied website at main menu so that players aern’t always running around like headless chickens, I offer help were possible and have spent hours retraining these legaficial refugees but honestly I can’t help everyone at the same time and it is frustrating personally redirecting everyone to the rustafied guides section.

Just turn them away. Not your problem.

Just kidding. Nice picture. Can you send a server message saying “Google rustafied guides for help”? Teach them how to fish up their own learning and all that.

Being a headless chicken as Rust noob is part of the game.