Info about "health points" of doors and others

Ive looked on the wiki and it doesnt mention anyting about how many hits to take down a door/wall/barricade etc
Anyone know?

Also how do I learn to make the 556 ammo? do I need to find a blueprint?


just hit until it goes away dude

556 ammo,m can be learn if you have some and use a reserch kit (you need paper to) on the ammo.

walls are not breakable, neither is windows, doorways, pillars, celling, foundations and stairs.

Barricades around 25-50 hits, door around 100-200 hits (with axe)

The new update talked about re balancing door health, so I’m not sure if this info is correct anymore, but it used to be 250 hits.

It’s approximately 130 hits, not sure if it needs to be continuous or not.