Info about next wipe

Hi guys,
In the global chat I read that there will be a wipe the 6th August and it will be a full wipe (bp will be wiped).
Is that true in every server?


There will be a forced whipe on all servers.
The bp wipe is not yet confirmed i believe they hope to change it soon but not shure it will be on time for this whipe. Or 4 weeks later

Where did you hear this? I don’t think it is true. Why would they need to make people wipe BPs?

If a server is going to wipe and be totally fresh i dont see why u would expect to keep bps in any situation…u wanna run around crafting everything the first hour of a fresh wipe? Get real.

Yo are right. Just no servers are wiping BPs at this point. I guess they want players to keep their progress.

Bps are wiped only by ADMINS ! Not developpers !

As admin, you have a file named " UserDatabase.db ", in it, you have all bp learned by players (but you can’t read the file tho, crypted)

If you chose to save it, there is not wipe, if you remove it, bps are wiped.

(Sorry, my english sucks)

PS: If you play on officials servers, i don’t know who are the admins (devs ?).