Info about the Atack

Ok, so there : -no- , it’s the teamspeak of the team who “DDos”
So why are their attacking?
I can understand them :
They complain about the fact that we don’t have the binaries server, and complain about that we have to pay to men t can have a license to create a server…
Effectively, this is really closed.
So, i think, the only way (who would be effectively good) is to release the binaries.
Please, if yu take care about your player, release the server, or speak with them at this address : -no-
Thank for reading,

(User was banned for this post ("There's already multiple threads about this" - postal))

No. The team will do what they want, when they want to. They’re not just going to give into some annoying frenchie who is being childish because he can’t get his way.

They’re already working with Unity to solve this, so no thank you.

ok, just that actually, what 3day from continuous attack.
Maybe you not see, but this is for the good of the freedom…
edit : i’m not saying this is necessary, but maybe not that bad…

Maybe you’re part of them?!