Info Box FPS drop

Okay, few days ago, My ACF/E2 or any prop that had Info box that pops up next to you when you aim at that prop had not even a single problem but then after a while I went on a server to build vehicles with ACF but then when I aim at ACF components/props or Wiremod E2 that has info box that pops ups my FPS drops from 110 to 20, I’m posting this here because I don’t think its the addon problem

I know my specs doesn’t really matter because I’m very sure that it was fine few days ago but here’s my spec
Nvidia 605m
i5 Quad core
Windows 7 (64bit)
4GB ram

Please help :frowning:

I just retried and when I’m aiming and far away I get 110 fps but when I aim and get close, the props has something like glowing outline at them, when I see the glowing outline my fps drops

Bump :frowning: Help

Might be your Smartsnap. Try disabling smartsnap for entities if it’s enabled. The grid for smartsnap kills FPS.