[INFO] Clocktown Version 2

As many of you know, Fluxmage released trade_clocktown_b1 just last year: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1133972 .
My friends and I have been working on trade_clocktown_b2 for a few months now it’s finished.


http://s01.solidfilesusercontent.com/OThhZTkxYmFiZGI0Y2ZjZWY3ZTQ1MjRjNjRmMzI0MWQxYzYzMGFhYjoxZG10Q0I6NGpYQzR0V05RVm9IOFlxNzRyZjgwaHdCRkdz/NjGq24XjAjx28/trade_clocktown_v1a.bsp.bz2 (v1a)
redacted (Beta 2A)
redacted (Beta 2A)

http://forums.tf2maps.net/geek/gars/images/1/6/1/4/5/440_screenshots_2013-05-15_00008.jpg[/t] [t]http://forums.tf2maps.net/geek/gars/images/1/6/1/4/5/1FE575ED57DA097D5F9F76420759BC7FFD67440F.jpg[/t] [t]http://forums.tf2maps.net/geek/gars/images/1/6/1/4/5/440_screenshots_2013-05-14_00007.jpg[/t] [t]http://forums.tf2maps.net/geek/gars/images/1/6/1/4/5/440_screenshots_2013-05-14_00008.jpg[/t] [t]http://forums.tf2maps.net/geek/gars/images/1/6/1/4/5/440_screenshots_2013-05-14_00009.jpg[/t] [t]http://forums.tf2maps.net/geek/gars/images/1/6/1/4/5/1C04BF4192ED93CC04998CF7619D79749BC08B55.jpg[/t] [t]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/540695473708226339/3BAD81A50A876C555A9839936DC15CFDBC5454D1/[/t] [t]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/540708865484414950/7F6867B6AFE9733DF941E98DA1D0F5B5022AC08B/


Changelog for V1
• Added a lot of content and correct various issues.

Changelog for Beta 2A

• Added missing roof in South Clock Town.
• Added missing stars on nights 2 & 3.
• Added Princess Zelda to her Garden.
• Added a night sky for inside of the moon and Zelda’s garden.
• Added missing nobuild within the Credits room, South Clock Town tower & the center of the skybox.
• Added missing sound for when the sewer wall gets destroyed.
• Added Frog NPC to the laundry pool.
• Added one info_observer_point to prevent a server crash.
• Added credit sign for Taco.
• Added surprise in credits room.
• Converted all BGR888 textures into DXT1/DXT5 format significantly reducing the map’s file size. (Compressed 40%) (Uncompressed 15%)
• Converted planes into models to improve map performance. (Slide, Stump, Shrubs, Tree, Observatory Dome)
• Converted all masks and doors to use single models with different skins.
• Converted Gossip Stones to play their sound from the .qc file.
• Converted all displacements to a power of 2 reducing the maps file size.
• Converted Clock Town’s grass to use a different version. It’s likely to be altered again in B3
• Improved Searchlight
• Improved Sewer lighting
• Improved heart piece model
• Changed night sound to the cricket version (for real this time)
• Fixed oversized bounding box on ctflowers.mdl
• Fixed the Ice Block to freeze players for two seconds instead of one.
• Fixed red spawn so players don’t spawn stuck. (ct-respawnfix.smx is no longer needed)
• Fixed field chest to not open upside down.
• Fixed moon portal sound.
• Fixed huge collision error within the Ikana Region.
• Removed old Clock Town directories. (Fixing missing texture error)
• Removed Deku Flower brushes. (The flowers now use model collision.)
• Majora’s Mask now auto-spawns on the final night. (Plugin handled only)
• Odolwa has returned with a revamped model and and new animations. (due to the old ones being unavailable for use right now)

Changelog For Beta 2

• Added Termina Field.
• Added The Observatory
• Added Top of the Clock Tower
• Added The field clock that Nintendo had to cut out of the final release of the game
• Added Small health and ammo kit models (that were created by 8BitSandwich from scratch)
• Added Transition bells to signify the time of Day/Night
• Improved Skybox (Now contains all sky’s from the original game + fog controllers)
• Improved Collision (Fixed Various locations where players would get stuck too)
• Improved Ledges (Player clips and ramps have been added to various locations)
• Improved Optimization
• Improved Torches (They now ignite huntsman arrows)
• Improved Blue Spawn
• Improved Pots (Now Breakable and uses the pot shattering sound)
• Improved Bank Lighting (The lightmaps behind it have been increased)
• Fixed Missing sign in North Clock Town
• Fixed Missing breakable wall in the sewers
• Fixed Missing Deku Flower animation
• Fixed Sewer Gates (You can now shoot through the bars)
• Fixed Laundry Pool Gates (You can now shoot through the holes)
• Fixed Night ambiance (It’s no longer the crows, now it’s the crickets)
• Fixed Rewinding Time to now appear in grayscale (Optional Plugin)
• Fixed Engineer teleports (No more exploding exits upon using an entrance)
• Fixed Inside of the Moon (To use it’s own sky)
• Removed Blue Spawn fade (To put an end to players sniping from behind it)
• Removed Sewer to Observatory fade (Due to model rendering issues)
• Removed Odolwa due to file corruption errors
• Added Majora’s Mask as a Monoculus replacement (readded the calm aura surrounding it due to errors)**
• Enabled Day/Night cycle

Known Issues - Beta 3 Todo List

• Fix town hammer to always render to clients
• Fix the water so it’s blue again
• Fix Pyroland pickups
• Fix Day 1 and Day 2’s sky accuracy
• Fix triggerfreeze model
• Reduce Night 1 Fog thickness
• Reduce Moon Ambiance
• Seperate the day start sound and the day music.

When I read this thread instantly the Clocktown music jumped into my head and now I can’t get it out. Anyways, the map looks nice. After this will you possibly work on any other maps from Majora’s Mask?

@matt000024, Not to go off-topic but yes:


Oh gosh the water temple :3

Map looks great by the way.

(mind enlightening me how you are porting this from majora’s mask?)

Sure. =)

First I followed the guide that Fluxmage posted in his topic, http://www.facepunch.com/threads/681537.

But it was giving us mixed results. After talking to him he recommended turning the exported mesh into a wireframe textured model for source.(Which was then built over.)

Here’s an example of building over a Wireframe model.


Amazing. Words can’t describe.

Hey, how do you get the models and textures from the original game?

Tham gia choi game World of Warcraft mi?n phÃ* t?i http://www.player.vn/ d? tr?i nghi?m vÃ* t?n hu?ng game 3D s? 1 th? gi?i

how incoherent

Anyway, great job OP.

Cannot wait for this.

now where the fuck is my cartridge


Nostalgia has hit me with total power!

Awesome map!

Amazing. Simply amazing.


This is like really cool and I def will be using it. You are doing exactly what I’ve been wanting to do for years…


Am I correct in assuming, going by how the pictures are at night, that you’ve fixed the day/night cycle? I hope I am, the day/night cycle is really the best part of Flux’s old map, but he could never get it to function properly. :S

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Looks really fucking great though, don’t know why ported maps seem to be the best to me in TF2, maybe it’s just the nostalgia. Still really love ported maps though, like those done by 8bitsandwich. Continue the great work and hopefully do more ported maps in the future!

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Also, is one able to get into the houses in town? That’d be really cozy.

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And sorry for the constant edits, but is the map REALLY that big and is all one map? I can’t into hammer, but from the talk I’ve heard from mappers is that its very restrictive in its map size limits, but yet that looks fuck huge.

trade_clocktown_b1 is the main map of my server, so i really appreciate it.

But I got an ask: What’s about the Engineer-Teleporter? Does they work on Beta 2?
If you use them on B1, the exit-teleporter will be destroyed (It works only correct, if the exit is placed in the Skybox).

We were having an issue with HDR (which is supposed to make the map brighter) so most of the screenshots in the op were taken without it, the day night cycle was always in the map but it was never enabled because of issues with color correction, we’ll probably turn it back on though.

We were hoping to get most of the interiors in the town into the map on b3, but the map is coming close to some of the hammer limits so we’ll have to see how it works out. They can’t be entered in b2.

Some of the models in the map were messing with the exits, it’s been fixed now though so teleporters will work on b2.

We were also thinking about also adding adding health to the field.
If you guys want health packs in the field please post some locations in which they should be placed. If not we can always leave them out to be more consistent with the actual game.
Anyone have any ideas?

I say leave them out so it’ll have more of a Majora’s Mask feel to it.