Info on join.

Hey… I am having trouble with my server. When people joins my server it says like IP and Steam ID and country. I wanna disable this But i do not know how… Or maybe make it for admins only. The addons i have checked is ASSMod and ULX. the info doesn’t come from any of them.

Here’s an example:

Player George Bush <STEAM_0:0:85371732> connected from country China (CH), IP 80.550.90.550

I think it’s country join by Capsadmin im not sure post your addons list.

Uhhh adv dupe, assmod, counter-strike, css content, CSS Realistic weapons 4.0, default_sent_pack, derma, durgzmod, hl2_ep2, keypad, keypad cracker, metamod, PHX, portal, sourcemod, stacker STool, tf2, ulx, WeightSTool, WIRE, Zeno_clash


Could possibly be an assmod addon. Not entirely sure.

Pretty sure its source mod. I have assmod on mine and i have no such feature.

I see metamod and sourcemod, and that’s exactly what happens when a client connects on a server with them installed.

Why do you have metamod and sourcemod on Gmod? Seems kind of like your replicating features.

I have sourcemod and metamod doesn’t happen to me i’m pretty sure that’s Assmod that’s doing that with it being modified, Upload your assmod you have current to, and i will fix it.


It looks like a sourcemod plugin, but I can’t be sure.

OP try removing sourcemod and metamod and prove me wrong please, restart server then join it.