Info Screen on Login

I’ve both had, and heard from the community, of issues arising because we aren’t made aware, and have no in game way (other than the server name) of knowing the specific server rules. I’ll often log in to a new server and ask and I might even get someone to answer with some rules but invariably, after I’ve dedicated hours into it I find out something that I wished I’d been told (latest was that crafting explosives was disabled).

My Idea: just like old school Counterstrike, why not have an info page pop up on log in that the admin can add server rules to. I don’t know much about coding but it likely wouldn’t be too difficult and would save time for admins answering the same questions. Questions, comments, concerns?

I agree. But most competent server owners will put those rules in their host name.

If there isnt many mods or special rules that can be sufficient but sometimes theres other rules or too many to fit in a server name IMO.