Info.txt Generator Application Release

Garrysmod Info.txt Generator

This is a very simple application to create info.txt files for addons and gamemodes. After seeing the complaints about the only other one available right now required Python runtimes or some shit. I decided to make one that should be runnable by EVERYONE. It only requires .Net 3.5, which you should have installed already.

This may become part of a suite of Garrysmod Management applications I have been developing if I pull my finger out of my arse and figure out SVN libraries.

Wat do?
What the hell do you think it does? It makes info.txt files based on the information you type in. Simple enough right?

How do I use it?
Launch the program by clicking the InfoGenerator.exe. It really shouldn’t take me explaining this should it? There’s a README in there too.

Will this kill my cat and rape my sister?
You’d be the first. There is nothing malicious in this program, if you don’t trust me, download the source, look through it and come back.

Now, there shouldn’t be any issues with the program other than the odd person who manages to break everything. Support is covered in the README.txt, and you could also PM me or leave a message in this thread.

Garrysmod info.txt Generator by hexpunK, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Well i guess practice makes perfect.

You know it :buddy: I know this is simple shit, but I am bored shitless, and I wanted to try and remember at least the basics of C#, C++ has been screwing with me :ohdear:

Looks useful but isn’t creating an info.txt as easy as copying it from another mod and editing some parts?

Yeah, some people are too buttfuckingly dumb to figure that out though. Oh well, it is another application for the suite I’m doing.

That’s pretty cool now i don’t have to manually edit the info.txt every time :smile:

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I’ve been meaning to run py2exe on it, I SWEAR!

That being said, you got yerself a master plan here.

I remember seeing you mention that actually. I think that is what made me throw this together.

Are we really that lazy? Info.txt take less then 60 seconds, and can be a copy and paste job.


You know what would be really useful? Automatic Hex Generator.

Hexing is a tad harder and longer then adding info.txt…

I am! >:-/

But in a not-so-lazy moment I threw together a Python script for it. Way later I released it on Facepunch (never having run py2exe on it because I had the Python interpreter installed)

Now hexing is a challenge :v: I don’t know if the name would be in the same place in every file, I don’t know how long the name would be, etc. Therefore I probably would never be able to do it. (plus I’m shit at programming stuff like that)

If you have to use a generator for something this simple, I hardly believe you can code a fucking addon.