info.txt is missing on some addons

I recently downloaded five downloadable packs: 1 player model and plenty or ragdolls (some which came together in a pack but I dunno how much they are). Thing is in only three of them there is the “info.txt” file on their folders, and this only are the only ones that I can open and use on Gmod (the player model, however, just appears as the red “ERROR” model. What could be wrong?) and the rest don’t ever on the menu.

Is the info.txt necessary to open an addon? If it is, how can I still open the other files?

You can just copy the info.txt from other addons. Info.txt only contains basic info: addon’s name, version, its creators.

The info.txt consists of;

“name” “(insert addon name here)”
“version” “1”
“up_date” “31st May 2009”
“author_name” “(your name)”
“author_email” “”
“info” “(what it does)”
And you replace the stuff in the ( ) with the real info. You can just copy+paste that into Notepad, and fill it out, and just save it in each of the folders that are missing an info.txt…

I see. But do I need it to run the addons on Gmod?

Not really, you can just copy the contents of the addon into your main Gmod folder.

Ah, I see. Thankyou!

This makes it very hard to delete, if you ever feel you need to.
You’re better off just copying an info.txt from a different addon, opening it with notepad, and changing all the info around to whatever.