info_overlays & info_decals Extremely Bright

Every one of them is an info_overlay. Most (if not all) were info_decal, but I manually recreated them into info_overlays.

It’s pretty much ruining this little test map I was working.

Does anyone know the issue?

Any map leaks?

Could always try and build the cubemaps, looks like the same type of artifacts that happen on some props when you havent built them yet. Cant say I’ve seen it happen on decals/overlays before though.

And yes, try looking for leaks too, as Roqj said

No leaks.

It’s litterly /just/ a single alleyway which is sealed 100%.

Bump. Anyone know the solution?

Did you build cubemaps?

Of course.

mat_specular 0


(And I still get this issue, even when mat_specular is set to 0)