info_particle_system limitations?

I’m trying to use a lot of info_particle_system to cover a large area. It works just fine on a small scale, but having a lot of them causes some pretty bad slow down (which is understandable, I guess). The real issue, though, is if I place a ton of them (in this case, a 3x9x9 box of them, which adds up to 243 :T ) the game crashes when the particles start spawning. I tried forcing them to not spawn particles at the start of the map, then triggering them later, which caused a huge lag spike, and then the crash. Am I butting up against some untold limitation here (the wiki page for the entity doesn’t mention any)? I’ll likely find a much more efficient way to spread out the info_particle_systems’ as I go, but I’d like to have a sense of how far I can go before causing issues…

Trial and Error based on what your system specifications are. Particles can be devastating to frame rates, depending on what’s being used, how and how much. It’s best to use as least amount of particles as you can to get the effect you want. An older machine might only handle 100 per second, while newer machines might be able to handle 720 per second (doubt it).

There’s a limit to how many particles per second it can emit but I’m not sure what it is.

That’s good to know. Thankfully, I’m running a potato at the moment, so I can happily test a worst case scenario for this. I also found out that I don’t need to layer them, so that cuts down on things considerably. Thanks for the advice :3