Info_particle_system stool

I started working on my first stool awhile ago and just recently realized someone else is doing the same thing. :sigh:, Oh well.

Anyway this stool is for the new particle system in the new engine. You spawn a sent and use a key to turn it on or off.


Feature list
-Portal/TF2/Episode 2 effects
-Start on
-Weld to world
-looping (for effects that don’t last forever) (Kinda buggy for now…)

To do
-Control points

I will most likely update this later on today with the looping feature. I decided to release now to get feedback!

Pictures (Big)

Oh wow, gold stars for you!

Wait, there are no gold stars anymore :frowning:

Nice job! It’s really good, that there are already two people working on this. You could team up, or something. There must be something positive in this. :smiley:

Such an amazing stool.

I can already find uses for this in mapping & scripting.

Your info_particle_system STool is better th en mine.

Perhaps I will stop developing the one I made, because you’ve already have made much more progress and I am also busy with other projects.

By the way, I love yours :D.

It’s beautiful.

mauritis150 , don’t give up , though. Your project still have potential.


I will most likely update this later on today with the looping feature.

So basically, that’s more emitters? If so, I’m very interested, as a comic writer!

It’s nice, however there are some bugs (I know it’s still beta)
-The blood frozen thing won’t go away even if you undo it.
-“updating” the emitter doesn’t work.

Also will people who have EP2 or/and TF2 or/and Portal see these ?

The frozen blood goes away… eventually.

I also know about updating. You can update it, you just can’t update the effect.

As long as they have the game, yes.

Thanks, you ought to love the citadel effexts.

I can’t wait for control points!



That’s enough people, when I see an STOOL which has at most 200 lines out rate Bad HAL’s binary modual for winamp there’s something wrong.

What are you talking about?

He has over 100 more Lua Kings than me… :v:

And hey, someone is actually using my clock!

Yep! I love that clock. :smiley:

me and my friend is having som problems with it in hes server when we try to use it it just goes like #sboxlimit_particlesystem

I think that is an easy fix. I have yet to see that error, but I think I know what may be causing it.


Added the looping feature, and cleaned up some things. Will post update soon!