Information about upcoming wipe ?

Some1 knows, when a full wipe will be on official servers ?

First Thursday of every month. Just like it’s been for pretty much ever.

Nope. This time was wiped only houses, BP’s are still not wiped.

Blueprint wipes are usually only done when a change to the blueprint system forces it, or at the discretion of the server owner. As far as I know the official servers are only character wiped when necessary, and no indication of this happening soon has been given that I am aware of.

Nor will they be… Just like it’s been for pretty much ever.

They only wiped BPs the once because of major overhaul to the BP system.

Why would you ask a question and then “nope” it like an idiot when you get an answer?

Get all the servers Officials and Communities wiped each month?
When is the next wipe planned?

Srsly, didn’t you read the topic?

“First Thursday of every month. Just like it’s been for pretty much ever.”

just catching up if its still like that - its an alpha version and such things can change very easly.
also its no clear if its only for officials or also community - forced wipe or optional?
my question is legit as fuck.

It’s forced wipe for any server that update, so unless the server runs with a plugin that can store all buildings, inventory and the like, you’re on a fresh start on wipes.

Good call. Why don’t you go open up a “Is there still PVP in Rust?” thread. You know, in case it changed from the way it’s pretty much always been.