Information Nodes

Information Nodes

Create and configure entities that display messages to players.
You can choose if the message will be displayed upon a player being near the node (you can choose the radius and interval at which it is displayed, too)…

…and if a player presses their use button on it.

And of course you can change the text that is displayed.


Thats cool also u should add a ToDo List like this

[ul][li]Add Node to a NPC

I don’t really have any other things planned with this and was really just a test/practice for passing values with STools.
If I can figure out how to get advanced duplicator to save the networked variables assigned to the entities I might extend on this even more.

Put the screenshot on the download page in your OP.

Another thing out of my “todo” list, more or less <3

This is extremely useful for RP.

God this is horribly inefficient.

You’re calling ents.FindInSphere every frame on the server. Why?

ents.FindInSphere is one of the most expensive functions you can use.
As far as I’m aware it loops through every entity and checks the distance to the given vector. This uses a lot of resources so should be used sparingly. Certainly not every frame, and especially on the server which has more important things to spend it’s CPU cycles on.

How I’d do it is as follows:
Have two entities. One acting as the handle (the physical prop you can move, see and pick up), then have a larger invisible spherical entity parented to the first which acts as a trigger which displays text to any player who triggers its ENT:Touch function.

I’ve never really been concerned about using up alot of server resources. Does it really cause that much lag?

Useful, Thanks

I’m gonna hold off with downloading until (if) you re-make this to be a little less wasteful with resources.

It sounds fun, but on a server that already has a lot of addons, another unnecessary function executed every frame can make the difference between smooth and laggy gameplay.

I’d like something like this. But change the model and make it a little more pleasing to look at.