Information thread on Research tables

Does anybody have info on how this new research system will work? The devblog this week got me hyped as fuck because I play mainly solo and with one other occasionally so it makes barrel farming pretty shitty. I can still manage to stock up on AKs from bob-builder-ass clans but it hasn’t felt right to me since legacy.

I’m glad they’re bringing it back in a new and improved way. From the splash image posted this week it seems like it will work similar to the repairbench in that you’ll place an item inside of it, and with a certain amount of materials you can learn the blueprint from that item.

How do you guys think that will work? Think it’ll take 5x the normal mats to learn it forever? or maybe a 200 paper?

If anyone actually knows or has a good source beside the trello (which doesnt seem to be updated anymore) post it up in here.

i dont mind if its super expensive to operate, it will be nice to have at least a chance to have rocket launcher blueprint without having to play 500h+ to learn it. I’m not even joking, i played 500h since the introduction of blueprints and i havent even heard of someone finding a thompson blueprint. I found many guns blueprint, but still, for the rocket launcher, i know its possible to play 500h without finding it. I gave up on it. I opened thousands of barrel in the past 10 days, looted radtown up to 50 times (walled, sorry), claimed 10 airdrops. Not a single rocket launcher.

Yeah man, some people feel like the blueprints should be that rare, but I dont think so. I think it’s essential to the rust progression that you are able to work on researching things. If its all just random and lots grinding it wont be fun.

I do think that it’s important for them to make researching the gun a very very costly process though. I’m talking thousands of fragments or paper or whatever, so you really need to make it a separate project beside fortifying your base or going out for drops / hunting etc.

research tables could be as rare as gun blueprint, which is you find one for every 10-30h of gameplay. that would be fine by me. So when you find one, you have to be very thoughtful on what you spend it.

Agreed for making it very expensive. to be honest it would cost 30k metal frag i wouldnt mind. as long as the grinding achieve something. there is nothing more disappointing than spending your saturday farming barrels and gaining absolutely nothing.

damn thats a shame lol. the only blue prints ive found are rocket launcher and grenade after 100+ hours and at least 20 rad town raids.

id much rather have ANY gun BP.

That’s interesting I hadn’t considered that it would be a blueprint in itself. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose though? isn’t it supposed to be a mechanic that operates parallel to the barrel grind?

i dont think research tables should be a default thing, because then you can just craft anything you want with enough ressources. if you make research kits rare, when you find one, you can use it to learn the thing you really want.

I think that ( AK, Bolt, pump-shotgun, c4 ,Rocket launcher ) gun blueprints shouldn’t exist, but instead be more common in rad towns and airdrops. ( The problem with BP’s is that 1 guy gets A BP and makes 10 AKs for his entire clan… forever. no need to be vulnerable ever again. )

I also think that the guns need to be re balanced.

The disparity between having an AK and not having one is fucking huge.

They need to rework how the guns work. Especially with the introduction of the SMG.

AK should be 20 bullets in a clip, with burst fire only.

Bolt Action should be single bullet per clip AKA a Pipe Rifle / Single Shot Rifle.

Thompson is trash, it is fine as is though I am not sure why we have an SMG and a Thompson…

Revolver is never ever used because guess what any other gun is better. Maybe make it slower firing and take a .45 cal bullet.

Eoka needs to be more stable/reliable to even be worth 200 wood 50 frags.

Lets face it, if you have an AK as it is now, you are god, I recently killed 4 people at an airdrop SOLO and I didn’t even have any armor, just a snow jacket and an AK. This is broken.

I also recently was on the other side of the coin I didn’t have any AK bp and was stuck using a bow/shotgun/Thompson and died every single encounter to people using AK/bolt.

Lol woooaaha cowboy, listen I see your point with the blueprint system, i think it should be much more complicated and require many more steps and much more linear work than random grinding.

But the pistol is not a shitty weapon. The balancing points you made were agreeable, but I only say that because I support a game that makes the player get acquainted with the specific mechanics of a weapon before he/she can do good with it. I think its a more fun learning process and makes for more fun combat.

You say you clear out airdrops with an AK and no armor? so why cant you do the same with just a pistol? I’ve been playing solo on the rustafied 100 pop server and in 2 days I’ve gotten 6 Aks 2 bolts and a pump shotty and I only have the pistol BP. from living near big clan bases and playing smart when I hear action going on I can easily put myself in a position where I can single one guy out, sneak up and get a few good shots in before he can react. Then i just finish him off when he’s panicked.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes in rust that I feel like a lot of players dont appreciate. You are right, the AK towers above the pistol statistically (but it has to in order for situations where the underdog pistoleer takes down the wild AK man and makes off with the catch of the day). So I think its a fragile balancing act and the devs so far have done a really good job

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But it requires you to find that item. I’m not saying when someone gets an item they should just be able to from then on create it instantly. I’m saying it should become sort of “leveling” process where one player finds that special item and decides that’s the one he’s going to work hard to study and eventually be able to craft over and over. I think it should be really really hard to learn a BP this way, but I think that it will prolong the playing experience and make players feel like they have something really worth-while to work for.

If research tables require you to find something else to use, then its basically just replacing BP grind with “that thing” grind. Its not solving it, just moving it.

Let people be self sufficiant, farm, craft and then have access to any tools they have resources to build (via this new table).

I’m sorry I just think the BP/Learning stuff is pretty unnecessary. It just adds more time wasting to a game that already wastes a lot of your time (even when you have everything you need). Between barrel hunting, death, raids etc I wonder how many hours of my 400 odd were actually spent in PvP on equal footing. I can count the times on one hand so im guessing probably around 20 minutes lol. Though to be fair I did spend 80hrs on London I before I discovered a better less populated server.

Anyway rad towns and air drops can just give instant loot. Research Table can unlock higher tier items. Level playing field. No grind except the one to build and survive. Seems like a fairer game to me… and one that is more conducive to getting lots of people testing new additions. That rocket launcher was added recently but how many ppl have gotten to use it? That seems somewhat essential that people can test the new additions.

Well, this should finally silence the players who whine about coming on the server and not having a full compliment of weapons within the first 5 minutes.

I hate the barrel grind lottery because I’m on the shit end of the scale. THOUSANDS of barrels and hundreds of radtown crates and the only gun I’ve gotten is the revolver. I’ve also never found the body armor BP, which is essential when fighting people with guns.

Like RedJenny said I just hope the research table isn’t another endless item grind that I’ll never find.

what is “that thing”? The way I see it is players should be able to see what they need to do to get from point A to point B in order to acquire what they want.

I always reference back to legacy rust when I make these comparisons because legacy rust was a much different experience. The probability of finding a military loot crate with a gun was very likely in rad towns and going into radtowns w/o pills or a rad suit was actually possible. Zombies spawned in designated parts of the map and if you were looking to advance your blueprint inventory you could go out and farm them consistently. I remember starting up on a new legacy server and thinking “I want a pump shotgun”. From that point on I knew what I needed to do.
-Kill zombies for about 20 minutes until I got a research kit.
-store research kit at home where its safe
-go search towns for military barrels OR find some shitter popping off a shotty
-loot boxes or kill shitter
-run home and research it
-experience euphoria of “leveling up” in an MMO sense.


If I want to level up my characters blueprint pool to pump shotgun- teir I have to:
-hit barrels for undefined amount of hours.
-run through very-inconvenient-to-loot rad towns (before you say it, it’s not just harder it is less fun and less fluid. I dont feel like im looting a town I feel like im dying over and over for glorified barrel loot.)
-OR kill some shitter with a shotty and just make sure I don’t lose that one shotgun.

Barrels have replaced zombies in their purpose but are much different

Barrels appear to have common loot, rare loot, and epic loot (you could say). rare loot being things like big box blueprint, sign blueprint, explosives, ammo etc. And epic loot being a gun BP.

The rad towns seem to drop more rare-loot but still do not drop as much epic loot as it should.

****I’m basing these statements off my personal experience with the loot system in current rust vs the loot in legacy.

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It’s not about having all the guns quickly, its about being able to fucking get them in the first place.

at the core of this issue is how long you think it is legitimate for someone to grind in order to find something worth grinding for?

In games it’s important to have that light at the end of the tunnel or else people just dont bother (which is what i’ve done) I rarely barrel farm anymore because I know its easier to just shitcan these minecraft clans for their guns and wait for this shit system to be resolved.

Since they’re in the map, then you’ll fucking get them in the first place. Sorry the game doesn’t automatically deliver them to your inventory, I guess.

If I’m going to spend time researching the gun I still have to get one don’t I?

I don’t even know why you’re all butthurt about this lol there are servers out there that do just give you guns when you start… obviously the player’s arn’t looking for that.

getting any item is a piece of cake, i’m sure many will agree. if you really want it, you can get it from an airdrop. airdrops arent easy to get i agree but if you try hard enough (or get lucky) you can get some.

to get items you want, just flank geared people with bows and kill them, until you get the item you want. C4 and rockets launcher will be the most difficult to get since most people dont run around with it. but armor and guns should be very easy to get since you just need a bow to kill them.

That is really not an issue.

Yeah, because I’m the one bitching about not having guns. Good job, Colombo!