Informative video on updates

Didn’t you already post this?

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Lol nevermind you did… Four seperate times.

This is my 5th video

Well dont make anymore videos ever again, okay?

One thread only, and update by bumping. Much better.

^ you need to post more, I miss seeing your profile pic

“upcoming rust update” means things that are going to be in the next update. That is things that have been moved to “Next Version” on the Trello. There are exactly zero things in the category at the moment, so stop misleading people and don’t make multiple threads.

A more appropriate title would be, "New art that we **might ** see implemented in future updates "

disagreed completely on the basis that you use Windows 8. Such a terrible OS

Only it’s not. So much faster than 7.

I just wanna help :frowning:

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and now i know haha

I am on my laptop, it’s not like I asked for it. Leave it to HP to make changing the OS a fucking bitch. As for my desktop, I run 7 and will never run anything else.

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There is no noticeable speed increase that I can tell between the two.


That’s probably one of the worst replies I’ve ever read.
Where’s the relation to the content of his post and the OS he’s using?

Please, if you try to argue, then find something senseful at least.

Stop the fighting !

Nice video. Some nice stuff in the next update. Can’t wait to see the next update.

But it bumps your thread :slight_smile: