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Hi Guys.

Since I got banned for the last few videos, I thought I’d make a helpful one. There are a couple of dark bits in the video. Change the quality to 1080p and you should be able to see ok.

Let me know your thoughts on building better defenses. Sorry for the darkness in advance.

Go to the pillared foundation around the outside, put two more pillars in the corners and build up with them, put stairs on top the the single middle pillar you have, large box and barricade to jump onto it, now I have access to your 2nd floor and if I place another stair I have access to your third floor.

Yep, so addressed that in the comments. We normally fill the middle pillars in and build two foundations out. Will go in to more details in the next vid. Thanks for the feedback

Well, that’s a pretty good design, I know how I will design my future bases now. This was really helpful because I never made mazes. Good tips!

many still dont get this

spikes helps to deter ppl away from raiding u, but dont prevent it, espeically small, you can hit it with pick axe(you only take one dmg hit everytime you hit it,max range in pickaxe melee)

in full kevlar its around maybe 5-15% chance to get a bleed and u spamm food/heal, small ones goes down really Quick while large takes longer time.

after that you just Place large storage box and shelter or large storage box and Wood barricade and jump ontop of shelter/barricade c4 the wall on 2nd floor. and viola you just saved yourself alot of Resources to raid a house, no one would be stupid enuff to go in on first floor.

also Another Point is that 3lvl high building is small, i can tell you right now it would cost me around 15 c4 to get to your loot room in the advanced building.

Dont get me wrong you give them a good idea but Always remember anyone can Always reach second floor straight away.

If they can play they will go straight for lvl 2.

they wont go thru the door.
So you would actually need 5 levels high and make a maze if you even gonna make a maze it should be on the second floor.

also there is Another way you can build where you go upwards down to the lootroom where you have your doorway on the highest level with a really tall ramp.

Wich confuses a lot, becuse if they just find one door lets say at 8th floor they will get confused and Think maybe loot on first floor even? then to be smarter you can Place loot at third floor.

However best way to make them waste as much c4 as possible have loot in the hardest part to reach and then distribute the loot in diffrent rooms.

there is also one more thing you should Always finish your house asap becuse you can make a tall as tree Foundation with stairs jump inside Place a sleeping bag just Before you hit the floor and spawn there take your loot and voila your in on top floor straight away, that also one of the reasons mid section is Always best to be in.

so Always a odd level on your house.

5/7/9 below those levels i said there is a big no no.

and if you are alone just build a tall Tower that cost less Resources and make counter Foundations as he showed.

good job helping ppl out man, just wanted to Point some things out that i felt was vital and forgotten :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

Our main base is 7 levels, I didn’t really want to build a big one in that video haha :slight_smile:

First two levels are normally mazes/empty. We have also done stairs that go up/down/up which are always interesting.

I’ll shove all the feedback I’ve had in another vid as it’s all really good stuff.

How much C4 does it take to destroy the walls?

I doubt people will come through the front door. They will just Christmas tree up to whatever floor they think the loot is at and come in through the wall.

How are they going to do that when they can’t get close to the wall? Walls take 2-3.

In the video, the pillars are only one floor high. Raiders can jump up on the pillar, place a wooden barricade at an angle on it, put down another pillar and repeat to get to any floor. I could come to your server and test any bases you have.

I’ll organise that. We are just doing a server reset this weekend. However, we normally build pillars right to the top of the base. Ugly, but works.


Re-did the video and added a bit more information about walls etc. Thanks for all the comments. At the end of the video I’m asking for your way to get in to this base without using the bottom floor. keen to hear your comments.

Place your loot room in the middle of the bottom floor. And make ur base about 7 stories high. Theyll always go up first and by the time they realise they ran outa c4 . Chur

What’s your server? Can’t pm you

When you built the stairs to the roof. You could place c4 onto the top floor wall while standing on the roof and jump down from there.

To prevent this create a one layer overhanged roof.
So that middle pillar layer needs to be one level down the rhe corners built to the roof level to place ceilings

Turned it on now, will pm you.

Hi Guys.

Done a lot of Rust videos now. I will start making a weekly video on the updates, since they are coming out at a good pace. Here’s the first.


Welcome back to the weekly Rust Updates show. This week, I deal with wolves…

Feedback always welcome for the next video.

Good vid man. Look forward to the next.

Part #2 of the series. Thanks for the feedback.

noobie strategy.

I can up pillares form platform to 2nd floor and place - Stairs. Then build large storage box + barricade and go up to stairs. 1 lvl pillar dont help you.

Should have watched entire video then where I explained that I would normally build the pillars up.