Infusion - the rebirth of Light Roleplaying

Infusion (Light Roleplay)

Author: kuromeku/Conna.
Script: prototype - Infusion.
IP Address:





Looks neat! Might check it out later!

I wish you the best of luck with this project as it has a lot of potential and it looks very serious.

Good luck!

Regards, Pete

I think this is great. I never really got a chance to play on the old Cider server, but I did play a few times before it was changed to Cydar. I’d just like to say that if you still want to accuse rolenation of restricting roleplay, you should just try this out.

I’m definitely going to play, looks awesome. :smiley:
In fact, I’m going to play right now.

Not really a surprise due to the way Conna used to treat other communities.

Another script based off Prototype? How much does he want for it this time? :downs:


Yeah totally a rebirth of light RP, you know, what with all the custom content and enforced RP using classes.

Get a better definition of light roleplay before trying to make a light RP script.

Have you tried it, or any Prototype servers so far? I notice you only edited in a real comment after asking what he want people to pay for it, which wasn’t the point of the previous threads or this one.

Once again, Good work Kuro.

I played the server, and all I saw was a punch of punchwhores, rulebreaking robbers, and minges. All I can say is that this seems like DarkRP on Prototype, sorry.

The only minge on there is Restless. He makes the whole server look bad. He is only 9 years old too. Disregard the mingeing… That’s the ONLY person I’ve seen doing it. Most of the time the minges get banned.

He’s not the only one. You just point him out because you hate him.

And weren’t you the one who spent the whole time trolling in OOC chat?

Suffice it to say the server is great albeit there are a few minges now and then.

No, that’s the only minge ** I’ve ** seen. I’m sure there’s more. I didn’t troll him in OOC chat. He just has to have the last remark. The only reason I hate him is because he is an idiot.

If I remember right, a player named Wormag was also minging. Plus, a character named Jasper Valentine apparently believed that he can bash your head in on the spot over and over with a baseball bat without a /roll and only one action done in a /me.

Wormag and KitKat are idiots who get banned and then unbanned because KitKat is friends with kuro or something like that. We all hate them.

It’s just the same script that’s Kuro’s been using the past few months with a few modifications to words and whatnot. It’s not really any “Light” RP, compared to the original cider.

Joining server now, downloading everything from it too! ^^

This is gonna be a while…

You could get the content packs:

Turned out well enough without them lol

Haven’t tried this yet, but president should require authorization.

I keep getting a mismatch error. What’s wrong?