InfusionGaming is being framed and hacked..

Hello Facepunch, it has come to my attention that everyone is pointing fingers at me for the hacking of the Nexus servers?
My server is being hacked its-self and other servers are blaming me because their name changes to “Visit InfusionGaming | IP HERE”, which is the hackers trying to create rivalry.

I have nothing to do with these script kiddies, also idiots like Axiom, who is butthurt because I didn’t merge with him make assumptions saying I hacked his server, and is telling Kuro I did.
Now kuro is hacking my server saying I’m using leaked scripts when I am using fucking Novus Two.

Now stop making assumptions, don’t point fingers, my server is being hacked too, and they are just trying to destroy these nexus communities.

If you are a newfag, then InfusionGaming is a fallout community running off of Novus Two, not a leaked gamemode.

tl;dr - server was hacked, tried to be given a bad name, ddosed, given false accusations to kuro, now is being targeted for possible hacking once more. I had nothing to do with hacking of other nexus servers, as its a script kiddie lookin’ to create rivalry between communities.

I love how no matter how many times this happens, everyone still gets butt-hurt and the man behind it all is ultimately successful.

Get smart people.

I’m not even butthurt, I just don’t like people pointing fingers at the wrong people.

If you weren’t butthurt you wouldn’t have cried to FP and dealt with it

It’s the fact that people are trying to hack my server and there isn’t really much I can do.

Remove the backdoors:


Well I don’t care what happened we aren’t hacking you also remove the backdoors.


We are switching to perp2 maybe soon after Axiom buys it.

Im aware of your perp2 lolfest. I garantee that it will most likely fail.
Reason? If you have no ddos protection you might as well put your hostname as (DDOSUSWEAREPERP2)

But all honesty I hope you do well. However I have a feeling that it will probally fail.

Your ddos protection is just a script from what I heard. So if you get an attack, it will still use the bandwidth and could still make your servers go offline. So basically, if you get a REAL ddos attack your script wont do shit.

Yea your script will be worthless if I get ddosed my servers won’t be lagging for long as I will be blocking traffic when it happens.

this happens when you deal with kids who think their shit dosen’t stink…