| Fallout Teaser Trailer

InfusionGaming is an attempt to allow role-players to experience and create their own adventure in the post-apocalyptic world. Our server and website are constantly being updated, and we always love to see new members. At the moment we have very much dedicated players and admins, a 40 slot server, and a new upcoming role-play server. We have been around for about five months now, and we keep expanding. Our server runs a custom version of kurozaels infamous Blueprint 2. We try to provide the best fallout atmosphere as possible. Visit our forums at

Not enough information…

Its WIP.

The movie was more the road than anything.

P-good community except a few admins


The teaser sucks but the server doesn’t.

Yea, not the best teaser, but the server itself is pretty good, right now our playerbase has gone down due to school, but even with that fact we still get the server (40 slots) full for most of the weekends, and even during the week we’re usually getting 20 plus people a day, there are however times in which no much more then 5 people are on, this is usually during off times in the night when everyone is asleep =P