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:siren:Some may think this is just a re post of a thread already made, but this includes more in-detail information and data.:siren:

** General information:**

**Fallout, A post apocalyptic role-playing game ** Is the main inspiration of this server. Running on a edit of kuromeku’s novus script this has become a reality after the collapse of Live in Fear which were the first to bring fallout into a roleplaying genre on garrysmod.

This gamemode takes place on the eastern seaboard near washington D.C in the year 2277, before the events of the lone wanderer and the fallout 3 game. Through this canon of fallout 1 - 3 and the inspiration of the minds of the community we have made various factions and many events which bring fun, exciting roleplay to all even the ones who are brand new to roleplay or fallout in general.

With a smart, willing team of administrators the server and community alike have become a haven for new and experienced roleplayers alike, admins take time out of their own life’s and even their own roleplay to help those in the server who need help weather it be a refund to teaching a new player community administrators are there to help those who come into the community.

Many features in the script alone bring even more enjoyable experience to the members of the server and community such as :
-Scraps and trading system
-SQL character saving system
-Whitelist Class System.
-Character recognizing System.
-Character Stat System
-Realistic Fall Damage
-Utilized Weapon and Ammo Base.
-Ability to pick up objects with your hands.
-Realistic damage system with Knock-outs.
-Over 60 role-playing items
-Over 30 role-playing weapons
-Storage system and random trash spawns.
-Ownable door system
-Various character abilities, including cannibalism.
-Various citizen animations.
-Various chat features, /yell, /whisper, // ooc .// local ooc and of course the /me action ability.
-Zip tie and tied up system.
-Custom font, static props and wall text!
-And many more!
These items and improvements help players enjoy the fallout surroundings and script more than with other scripts.

Game monitor:

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Steam Community Group:

  • Secroduz, writer and administrator

In Word of the administration team and the community.

That sounds very tough…

Theres already a advert for this server.

Wow, this shows how immature and desperate the community really is.

"Hey guys, if we make multiple advertisements for the same server, we’ll seem cooler and more people will join and we totally won’t get flamed"

Sorry bro, that’s the opposite of how it works.

Unfortunately this admin did not know there was already an advertisement.
Their server is incredibly popular peaking the slot limit every day for most of the day.

Their admins must be mentally retarded and severely lack communication abilities then. There’s no need for two threads for one or two extra details.

Anyways, almost anyone can apply there for admin aslong as they’ve played the server atleast once, which I don’t think is even a sane idea.

I’m not the one who posted this, so it’s not my fault.

And you don’t get admin like that, that was when I first started the server, I hope removed admin applications and I am hand-picking.

Also I think secro was just trying to post a more updated one, I wish to remove the old one, sorry guys.

Yes, anyone can just “Apply” For admin on their first time, but do they get accepted? No, I didn’t think so. The administration team is made of trustworthy, and secure administrators unlike other servers which would be rude to mention at the moment on this server advertisement, and on another note, you guys should learn to read the first message at the top, yes I know there’s another but this is a more up-to date version of Flaky’s. Learn to read before commenting is all I can possibly say.

Do you or flaky own this?

I’m just a dedicated operator and friend of flaky, Flaky is the owner of this server.

Then why did you create this thread instead of telling Flaky to update his?

Because I did!

Well Secroduz is an idiot like that, and no, there is no admin applications, I hand pick… <.<

Loving your maturity, never going to join this community, nice try anyway.

I’ll try it out.



Too bad i just got banned for “exploiting” which i’m still unsure how i accomplished that.

If you were banned for exploiting, that probably means you were exploiting.

What was your OOC name?