Ingame character movement

Currently Rust movement is kind of “arcady”. I was wondering if it would improve immersion of a game by making movement more realistic. This is perfect to understand for those who played DayZ - movement there is horribly painful part of survival (standalone version at least) which brings me to one of my points. A lot of players hate that their bases get raided over night (hacker are not in this discussion) - but what I was thinking that if moving was more realistic “like” in DayZ people would choose their exploration paths more carefully as it could be a waste of time and struggle of exploration could even lead to death in turn discouraging to look in that really huge hill for bases to raid.

Of course that is just brief and narrow description of an idea - what do you think ? Could this be a positive or negative improvement ?
And please bare in mind that I am not saying that "RUST SHOULD BE LIKE DayZ"

I think that they reason movement is so easy in Rust atm is because there are mechanics in place that allow for near-guaranteed resources.

So what happens is you end up stocked up on food and clothing and if not then you know exactly where to look for them.

Once they introduce farming and thirst I think they should drastically reduce animal population or increase the speed and damage of predators(could be problematic for fresh-spawns).

They could also make it that food decreases a lot faster(and spoils) if you sprint everywhere (could use a jogging speed added to compensate)

This will mean that if you set out on a journey you better be prepared for it or you could starve and you cant just sprint to the nearest field to kill wolves casually while you walk backwards

“I can’t raid because others’ houses are too far away from me, and they can’t raid me for the same reason”, sounds boring

I would suggest looking at this not as “I can’t do it” but it as “I can do it but it is harder” :slight_smile:

Rust doesn’t need super heavy movement like DayZ where you can’t even jog up slopes, but some sort of velocity transfer cap needs to be added so people can’t sprint while shaking their mouses and warp around. The main problem is people keeping all their forwards movement while turning. If you turn your mouse around 180 degrees while sprinting it should take a while for your velocity to transfer the way you are now facing, so your character essentially stops moving then starts accelerating again.