ingame inventory crashes the game

i load up ok i can run around play the game build shoot harvest but when i open my inventory my game crashes because for some reason the inventory hogs my ram but i have 8gb ram i have been in emails with orkel from facepunch he has asked me too post here and also on the support site so that the developers can see so fingers crossed as i have 600 hours in the game and the game is amazing i dont want to have to leave it please help


Game has a very bad ram leak right now… you need to close every 2-3 hours to clean it up. Other than that I had issues since last week with inventory, changing my vid card fixed the problem (went from GTX570 to GTX970). Pretty sure it has to do with video card memory usage…

i only play for like 5 mins then invent makes me crash and i have a 21.5 inch 2012 imac all upgrades have too be done by apple as they are cocks and made it so you have to remove a glued screen too do any upgrades

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i have been fine for 600 hours of gameplay then along comes the chopper and boom its like screw you guy lol

Like I said that last patch was really hard on lower end systems. 2012 was ages ago in the world of PC’s. The patch this week should hopefully improve the situation if you wait.

orkel told me to try the dev beta of rust and was still no good and 2012 may be ages ago in the computer world but 99% of my hardware is still sold at top dollar and still widely used