Ingame Keys concept :D

I’ve seen a few posts a bit like this, but haven’t found any that match my thoughts. I was thinking of a key concept, so when you place a door, it is unlocked to everyone. Then you can craft a key so you can lock/unlock at your will. Then if you have friends you can make them a key to so you don’t need 3455432654654 doors at your house so that people can leave when they please, this can also be applied when cars and boats and other things are added to the game. This is of course an inventory item, so if you kill someone holding a key, you get it. Thoughts?
By the way i don’t have the game so i don’t know if it would be a good idea. :frowning: Just a concept.

Interesting concept, but i guess nothing beats an axe knocking on the door. :wink:

A key used like on Garry’s Mod, but you have to craft the key in a special way, like you would get a key cut in real life. So you could make your friends key’s to your doors.

An interesting concept but implementing it into the style of game might be a little hard. Just make sure they’ve got some rust on them :stuck_out_tongue:

As a next level, you could have code based doors, enter the right four digit code and the door opens, close the door and it auto locks again.

I had the same exact idea, no joke.

No, I only thought it while playing. It’s cool someone else thought of the same idea though.

Did you post about? I read most of the forum but must of missed it xD

maybe lock picking (first you need to craft a lock pick set of course) is a idea as well because whit the code based door its not a option anymore. its a good way to make people put time in upgrading there houses.

don’t have the game but i’m working on it to get it

A lockpick could be used, or whatever it is, either make it a skill thing like Fallout 3, or make it like a 10% chance to pick the doors lock, so whoever breaks the lock can open that door until it is replace? If you fail to pick the lock that lockpick will break so you’re best going with loads of lockpicks and hope that you will be lucky :slight_smile:

i think its better to when you fail pick locking the door needs to be opend by a person whit a key first before you can try again or else you can keep pick locking until your in if your have enough lock-picks.

It could be made into a skill, so you have to learn to picklock, so maybe you find blueprints on how to lock-pick, but they could be made up of metal shards, I don’t know how easy it is to get items so I can’t really give and idea, but I can keep casting idea’s to help people who have access to the game.

But I think if implemented correctly it could work, and Iron doors are harder to pick, with maybe a 5% chance but requires a higher level or pick-locking or it has two locks that need to be picked?

why bother pick locking a door when you can just throw grenades at it… I mean, there are no cops or anything it’s freaking radiation apocalypse…

But making grenade will take more resources and it will alert the people that you are raiding, you only make a little noise when pick-locking a door.

In my opinion it’s the little things that make a game good, but some people do like to ‘go loud’, having the freedom to do something a way that suits you is always good. For example if you have a medium -long ranged rifle you might grenade the door down and shoot from afar, if you’re closer with a shotty or pistol you might want to either grenade and bait them to you, or be quite and shoot them while they’re busy building or sorting their storage out.

I guess the lock pick is another interesting idea.
But i personally can’t see it working out…

If you can make it, you can break it. I think it’s a good idea. The better your base is, the better someone has to be to break in to it.

The community wishlist

im sure they would add that remember its still in alpha

But, if you craft keys for your friends, they run out all nilly willy and die, guess what. The person who killed them will now have full access. Right? Unless there is some kind of binding of the key or something?

Why don’t let people get access to the base of the guy that they killed ? I think this gonna be freaky good !

Alot of votes but not many replies, type your ideas below if you have any! If we ever want a chance of having this, this thread needs to stay active so some dev sees it (even though they might have thought of it already, but meh).

if your opinion is just “i agree” or “i don’t agree”, we have ratings for that