ingame lua coder

I’m tired of testing a swep, doesn’t work or theres something wrong, then exiting out of gmod to fix it, then repeat this again. If there is already such a thing please give me a link because i can’t find one, and if it’s not possible then please tell me.

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I would also like this!

1.) You can just type lua_reloadents in the console.
a.) This reloads all the Lua and only takes about 5 seconds.
b.) It’s extremely useful, but doesn’t reload the Q menu, so printnames won’t change but the actual Lua will.

2.) You can just reload the map.
a.) This provides a COMPLETE Lua reload.

But you can’t edit Lua ingame.

those console commands help, but it would be nice to edit in game AND test it without having to use console commands. I’m sure i saw something like this before on, but back then i didn’t know a thing about lua.

Just open the Notepad and edit it while in game and put GMod in Windowed mode :cheers:

People like me would rather a more luxurious way, like an in-game coder, it seems almost more badass, or something to that effect :smiley:

But it does the exact same thing :v: Notepad is just quicker and faster but boring. I use sciTE. :j:


This works very well for short scripts and testing but for your sweps and entities just keep notepad++ open and gmod in windowed mode and bind a key to reloading your script. That way you just need to save your changes and hit your reload key.

That’s the way to go for SWEPs, SENTs, and other non-autorun scripts.
I can’t believe how few people have heard of this.

For the record, I run Gmod in windowed mode with Notepad++ and ^^lua_reloadent.

I do the same, but I’m getting sick of windowed mode and would rather have full screen on my widescreen. I also tried notepad++ but I like Scite better.

More people using notepad++ windowed than I imagined. Excellent way of going about it though.

The best way would of course be having 2 screens, one for coding and one for testing. :3:

As far as I have experienced, whenever you click out of the screen with the fullscreen application (aka gmod) it just minimizes the game, and it’s really fucking annoying.