Ingame map/compass

Hey all,

I was wondering why there isn’t an ingame map or a compass available, atm it’s really hard to find your way back to the camp or to meet friends!

Also maybe a party system and shared doors? Would be awesome


There won’t be a party system nor shared doors, but combination system for doors.

I’m pretty sure they’ll add a map and compass later on but not a priority atm.

i dont think they going to add this …only map maybe but without any indicators

i agree with ANY indicators and map, i think this type of game does not need that, is more realistic thing.

its better to add an item that you can drawing the map according with exploration, using charcoal and paper for example.

A craftable compass would be nice, but you can also use the sun for orientation.

All though like what Raufaser said above, yes you can use the sun, but I think an in game compass would be great. But I do believe the in game map feature would be too easy. Maybe you can use paper and charcoal to actually draw out your map? Something more creative that doesn’t make things so much easier would be nice.

The map is very easy to learn, maybe if they add a new map which is bigger a map+compas i good


i like the idea, wanted to request that too i was lost a lot since i started to play yesterday, mabe like it in minecraft is, a craftable compas and map, where you need diferent maps for diferent grids, where you need to add the lacation by your self, so its not too easy

It doesn’t need a map, i think that would bring the tenseness out of the game, But if your not a dufous you will know where you are in a couple days of playing its not that hard to navigate.

If they add a map, I hope it never has indicators of any kind. PoIs that you add yourself maybe, but no indicators on where you are or where you want to go. GPS is not well-suited for the theme of this game.