Initial D - AE86 Toyota Sprinter

Okay, this is just for fun. I am wondering if anybody is willing to model this for me. I need a highly detailed model, if anybody needs sketches I can provide those. For now are just images I found on google.

Also, since I am an artist. I will ask that the modeler lets me do ALL of the skinning required for this. I plan to have two different cars, but obviously using the same model. One will be just for fun, the other one will be an authentic Fujiwara Tofu Delivery car. XD

Also, maybe we can learn how to port this download. Then have someone explain to me how to texture it. XD I’ll make it higher resolution with the help of you guys.

GTA - Model Pack - ( )

Full View Image

Low Res

High Res

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Okay, nobody is caring enough about my request. You can probably pull something off of Forza 2 if it is for PC.

It’s been 2 days… Also I was considering taking this up, but I work really slowly :slight_smile:

Ah okay, I really don’t know how long on average it would take. Two days ago, I figured someone would contact me about it. Then we could start collaborating about it and have it done sooner. I’ve been wanting to do something with Gmod for years now, I’ve had it for ever.

Well, I love Initial D, and Gmod is in serious need of a good motorcycle…

The snag here is taht I have zero talent in any field.

I am just looking for someone willing to do it. I do not care for these forums because people are carried too much but their ego “It is for people that know what they’re doing and people that don’t know what they’re doing. You should expect a mixture of both and you should be rude to neither.” If there is a forum that tells you specifically this. Then there is too much of something, since this game has been around for so long, and that this message is up. (I get the idea, you’re very smart) Then why should I post such trivial questions here? My goal to achieve is just a set of 86 Wheels and to be on my way, I do not care for these forums because they are filled with arrogance. My attitude right now expresses the same thing, but how does that work in a world if you don’t get what you want? ??

Why did Initial D have to make this car popular

Initial D is only partly the cause of this.
You should consider who is still driving one of these: Keiichi Tsuchiya.

I hate racing games. I hated racing in general, until I was introduced to this show by a friend who hates anime. “Why did Initial D have to make this car popular.” Initial D didn’t make this car my favourite because of the show. It was actually a red Corolla I saw driving around when I was young.

So my thoughts aside, anybody willing to do this?

GAME ACTIVATED: No one’s allowed to state their opinion in this thread.

Starting: NOW.

If you hate things related to racing, then why are you posting this?

hated* grammar makes a difference.

4 years later, I’ve come across my old thread looking at stuff for my 3d printer. I’ll port over the files for you guys tonight, if I can find the files I can get it done sooner than later! See you all tomorrow!